Benjamin Torres & CDTech Founder, Dr. Denise Fairchild (Photo: Leroy Hamilton)


CDTech President and CEO, Benjamin Torres has been named one of the Durfree Foundation Sabbatical Awardees.

Every other year, The Durfee Foundation, whose mission is to “build partnerships with individuals and institutions that share (The Durfee Foundation’s) ideals of creativity, risk-taking, fiscal care, integrity, entrepreneurial spirit and continuous learning” awards six organizational leaders a Sabbatical Award. The Sabbatical is provided to leaders who mirror the Foundation’s values and have a track record of contribution to community leadership for over 10 years.

The purpose of the Sabbatical is for organizational leaders to rest, rejuvenate and reflect so that they may return to their work to continue carrying out the mission of their organization with renewed energy.

CDTech staff and fellows are excited for our President and CEO, Benjamin Torres, to have this important opportunity along with his fellow Sabbatical Cohort:

Raul Estrada, El Centro de Ayuda
Cynthia Sanchez, Proyecto Pastoral
Gloria Walton, SCOPE
Barbara Kappos, East LA Women’s Center
and Kathay Feng, California Common Cause

Benjamin Torres’ sabbatical will begin on June 15th and extend to September 18th.  Benjamin says that he will “be using the time to disconnect, unplug, then reassess and come back with energy to make great things happen.” Some of his time will be spent traveling, visiting Spain, New Orleans, Mexico City, Oaxaca and Habana, Cuba.

He will also be using the time to pursue his personal passions and focus on personal wellness, including participating in a health and fitness program, tackling his summer reading list and pursuing his passion for wine-making.

During Benjamin’s sabbatical, community and partners can contact our Executive Team:

Kristine Williams, kwilliams@cdtech.org
Yvette Nuñez, ynunez@cdtech.org
Susana Coracero, scoracero@cdtech.org
Carlos Arceo, carceo@cdtech.org

The CDTech family wishes him all the best and will be eagerly awaiting his return.