Economic Development



The Economic Development Division ‘s focus is on empowering and providing resources to local South Los Angeles Businesses, including education around redevelopment project in our community. Workforce Development programs are also part of our work – a program that not only prepares the a diverse community of residents for entry-level jobs, but provides a foundation around leadership and economic development issues in our community.

The Economic Development team works with local small businesses to assist with developing a South LA Small Business Initiative, the objectives of which are to:

  • Create A South L.A. Small Business Network
  • Engage and educate a Corp Small Business Group of Leaders around Redevelopment
  • Create a Process for and Identify Candidates for the Lorenzo Retail Space
  • Provide Guidance and Assistance to Lorenzo Selected Business(s) including a Small Business Advisory  Committee, through leasing, build-out, and post-opening
  • Develop an Economic Development Stakeholders Committee (Business Owners and others) to engage in redevelopment organizing efforts
  • Bridge the business outreach to support and leverage UNIDAD’s work with the USC University Village displaced merchant efforts
  • To Make Recommendations around Use of CBA Revolving Loan Funds

Pictured above is Rodrigo, of Cosmos Auto Repair on Broadway above Washington who has been with the business for 13 years. Before taking this photo, he said he was excited to have his voice heard. He noted this would ensure businesses like the one he works for benefit from the new development projects coming to the neighborhood.










workforce dev map
In 2015, our team outreached to 523 businesses around the Washington Corridor and Vermont Square Neighborhoods. Providing information on the ACA & DWP programs, the Lorenzo Opportunity and CDTech’s Redevelopment Meetings


Our Economic Development division also actively engages small businesses and residents in the efforts to create Better Neighborhoods, Same Neighbors through our work with the UNIDAD Coalition. Read more about our recent efforts here. 


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For more information, contact: Yvette Nunez or Sophia Kandell