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Solar Power Installer

Salary $15-35 per hour

The job of a solar power installer requires workers to install solar thermal water heaters and photovoltaic cells (devices that convert sunlight to energy).  According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the need for solar power installers will increase from 35,000 workers to more than 110,000 by 2016.

Interface Software Designer

Salary:  $80,000 annually

Every hear of a smart house?  Think of a home that will not allow your energy bill to skyrocket because it has been programmed to regulate your thermostat, hot water heater and other appliances in your home.  The computer technology that allows for a smart home works with the goal of helping each person save 20 percent on energy bills.  Many software designers have a degree in computer science.

E-waste Consultant/Recycler

Salary – Varies

With all the e-waste (computer monitors, cell phones, CRT screens, plasma screens, laptops), it’s not hard to see why there is a new interest in trash.  California alone produced about 200 million pounds of e-waste in 2007.  Companies such as Electronic Recyclers International, a leading waste recycler in California, recently sought managers for its locations throughout the U.S.

Water Conservation Specialist

Salary: $62,000-$84,000 annually

More cities are realizing the value of conserving water and are hiring individuals who can aid in that effort.  A water conservation specialist will have duties that include calculating ways that business, agriculture and consumers can save water, evaluating water conservation programs, developing new programs, budgeting and writing reports.  A bachelor’s degree in environmental studies, environmental or civil engineering or public administration from an accredited college or a University is needed for this position, as is a valid driver’s license.

Tree Trimmer/Green Landscaper/Gardener

Salary – starts at $31,000

There has never been a better time to have a green thumb.  As many big cities see the benefit of greening up (Chicago, NY, LA have tree planting initiatives), there is a need in park districts for planters, tree trimmers, landscapers.

Urban Agriculturalist

Salary: Varies

Believe it or not, the number of green food jobs is plentiful, including growers who actually farm food in urban gardens or rooftops and along neighborhood blocks. Many city colleges are offering training and certification in urban agriculture.

Sustainability Officer (aka Chief Green Officer)

Salary: $97,000 annually

In corporate American, a new environmental chief is wielding power in boardrooms.  Many companies are facing new challenges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and then implement eco-friendly programs, initiatives and education.  As more companies realize the benefits of greening up, the sustainability officer, or CGO, will become a more frequent title.  He or she will work closely with the CEO and the COO and make decisions about environmental regulations and safety issues.  The sustainability officer will most likely work with companies that specialize in areas of biofuel, solar, wind and HVAC, in order to make decisions about what works best for a company’s business needs.   Sustainability officers have been appointed in executive level of such companies as Google, Dow Chemical and Wal-Mart.