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Our Mission

CDTech’s mission is to build livable and economically viable communities in the low-income areas of Greater Los Angeles. This is accomplished by strengthening the skills and self-sufficiency of residents, businesses and community serving institutions through a variety of capacity building and direct service programs.

Our History & Milestones

Founded in 1995, CDTech is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting economic opportunities and justice for low-income residents and communities throughout Greater Los Angeles.

CDTech is a catalyst for change. We take pride in over ten years of success in both transforming lives and advancing new approaches to workforce, leadership and asset development.

These initiatives – among others – have changed the lives of thousands of inner city families and businesses, the capacity of community serving organizations and, in the process, they have been instrumental in testing and modeling new economic development approaches and technologies.

Our Goals

A nonprofit organization with 20 years of experience in South LA, CDTech combines grassroots participation with strategic policy understanding.  Our community members canvass door-to-door to engage, listen and educate their fellow residents on vital issues. Leveraging this connection, CDTech creates community development and economic development programs that incorporate deep insight into the actual needs, desires and capabilities of South LA.

CDTech places special emphasis on the development and utilization of local human capital, fostering leaders and organizers in the community and leveraging them in CDTech programs.  Collaborative, inclusive education and training cultivates residents’ ability to act effectively today and to think strategically about emerging opportunities and challenges.  Our activities help communities to build their capacity for action and focus on what will have the most long-term impact.
CDTech’s approach to fighting the economic and social impacts of poverty also recognizes an important truth: that community development and economic development activities are interdependent and must be pursued simultaneously to effect significant change. To achieve this scope, CDTech often partners with Public Allies, LA Trade-Tech, UNIDAD and other organizations. These partnerships extend our reach and leverage our expertise to help create a vibrant, economically viable and empowered South LA.

CDTech’s Goals are to:

  • Expand the capacity of grassroots leaders to affect change.
  • Increase jobs and economic opportunities for low-income residents.
  • Strengthen the economic base of the neglected communities of greater Los Angeles.
  • Foster new ideas, approaches and partnership for community and economic change.

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