In March, African American and Latino community residents participated in a social analysis of the Vernon-Central community.  They reviewed demographic data from the United States Census to learn of the demographic transition South Los Angeles and the implications it has on the Vernon-Central community.  Results of the Primary Elections for Council District (CD) 9 were also discussed.  Attendees participated in a group exercise to illustrate the voter turn-out of CD 9 and the need to increase the civic participation of Vernon-Central community on the next Run-Off elections taking place May 21st.

A space was provided to allow African American and Latino community resident in attendance to cross share and learn about the displacement African Americans feel in South LA and increase of the Latino population in the community.  Additionally, they had the opportunity to share and learn the difference between Equality and Equity.  Most importantly, attendees created a safe space to genuinely share their thoughts, and learn from one another.

Based on the demonstrated interest to increase the number of Vernon Central residents in the upcoming Council District 9 elections, the next Parent/Resident Forum will be focus on supporting the CD 9 Candidates forum and strategizing how to increase the civic participation of Vernon-Central residents.  The next Parent/Resident Forum takes place monthly.  Please contact Susana Coracero if you are interested.