by Michael Fine
(This post originally appeared on on March 16, 2017)

​​Smokefree Apartments Los Angeles was one of dozens of community programs represented at this year’s All Peoples Wellness Convention, thanks to our partner CD Tech. This past weekend, families came from all over the Los Angeles area converged upon the All Peoples Community Center for the annual event which features information about programs and services around healthy food, childcare, education, immigration, employment, and housing.

CD Tech, which has been a community partner to the event for a few years, brought their expertise to educate and empower attendees about smokefree multi-unit housing. “This community has one of the densest populations. We have many apartment complexes, community housing, and because we live in such close quarters everything you do affects not just you but your neighbors too,” said William Flores, a program coordinator for the organization.

An elderly woman stops by the table and ask Flores for some information. They have a brief conversation before she leaves with brochures. “She wanted some information because her partner smokes outside the apartment and she knows it affects the neighbors. She was asking for information because he wants to quit,” Flores said. “There’s a big disconnect between resource information and availability and the community. That’s why we are here – to provide this information so people can access these resources. As your community gets better, you get better.”

Smokefree Apartments Los Angeles is proud to have been a part of the All People’s Wellness Convention this year and congratulates our partner, CD Tech, on their outreach efforts.