Information services are comprised of the following:

  • Demographic Profiling & Analysis
  • Economic Base Analysis & Community Business Profiling
  • Property & Real Estate Profiling
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping
  • Housing & Homeownership Analysis
  • Market Feasibility Analysis

CDTech will customize the data to fit the needs of your community or regions. We also will train you in community and economic analysis methods. We know that greater access to information contributes to more informed stakeholders, more effective strategies and better community planning.

CDTech is committed to sharing information, technology and computer skills with community residents.


  • Individual Development Accounts Handbook January 2006 (44 pages, PDF, 3.7 MB)
  • African-American Telephone Access Study August 2004 (42 pages, PDF, 456 KB)
  • An Environmental Scan of the Los Angeles Financial Services Industry January 2004 (64 pages, PDF, 5.7 MB)
  • African-American Businesses: The Next Generation (Summary) September 2002 (10 pages, PDF, 654 KB)
  • African-American Businesses: The Next Generation (Full) February 2002 (46 pages, PDF, 875 KB)
  • Minority Women Enterprises: Going To Scale (Summary) September 2002 (11 pages, PDF, 665 KB)
  • Minority Women Enterprises: Going To Scale (Full) May 2002 (57 pages, PDF, 529 KB)
  • Minority Business Enterprises: Gaining The Tech Advantage (Full) November 2002 (20 pages, PDF, 700 KB)