CDTech is proud to announce the Civic Engagement and Leadership Development (CELD) Internship.

We are seeking to connect Partner Organizations with students and participants of CDTech programs to build additional capacity through dedicated project internships directly in the work they do.  Spring 2014 Internships will be 30 hours during May and June. Participants who are accepted into the internship program will receive a stipend of $300 for 30 total hours of community service at their placement organization.

Goals of the Internship

The purpose of the CELD Internship Program is to provide our students with an opportunity to apply and enhance their knowledge and skills while collaborating with community organizations throughout Los Angeles. In specific, our goals are:

• Students will develop skills in the application of theory to practical work situations
• Students will be able to identify their contribution to an outcome of the issue area
• Provide students with an understanding of the functional activities of participating organization
• Provide students with an opportunity to develop professionally and enhance career advancement possibilities
• Motivate students to continue their commitment to social justice and professional development.

What to Expect with the Internship Program

• Application

Prospective interns are asked to submit a completed LACOA Spring 2014 Internship Application by April 18th Applications can be picked-up and dropped off at CD Tech (520 W. 23rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90007).

• Selection and Matching (April 21st -25th 2014)
A selection committee reviews all completed applications that are received on or before the deadline. This part of the internship process also includes a matching component. Through this process, prospective interns are matched with programs based on their raking score, issue area interest and statement of interest. After an initial review of your application, applicants we are considering will be contacted by April 25th by email and/or phone with a decision.

• Placement (Notifications: Friday, April 25th 2014)
Once accepted into the program, interns will be placed at CD Tech, working with the supervision of the staff member responsible for the program you were matched for. The following delineates the major components of your internship experience at your placement:

  • Intern Orientation (Friday, May 2nd, 2014, Time TBA)
    All LACOA interns are required to attend a mandatory internship orientation. The orientation session will be held at the CD Tech office.
  • Placement Timesheet (Due every Friday by 5pm to Program Coordinator)
    The timesheet documents the 30 hours of required work. The timesheet must contain the dates and times of all of your 30 hours of work. Your internship supervisor should confirm each episode of work by her/his initials, and sign the completed timesheet.
  • Coaching (Bi-weekly w/Program Coordinator)
    In order to ensure a successful internship experience, interns are provided with on-going coaching. Coaches support interns in meeting the program goals and requirements, project objectives and personal development.

• Evaluation and Stipend After fulfilling 30 hours of community service at your placement, interns are required to complete a final evaluation process. This includes a supervisor evaluation, intern feedback and 360 evaluations.

About the Interns

CELD Interns are graduating students in the Community Planning classes or participants of the L.A. Community Organizing Academy (LACOA). Interns range in interests and experience, but they’re all interested in learning how to do the work in real time.  Only 20 interns are chosen each semester to continue their learning in actual work settings so they can be properly supported in their learning while building their resume.