Public Allies, Los Angeles Class 2017-2018 Team Service Project

Hearts Of South Central: Narratives of Gentrification and Health


For this year’s 2017-2018 Public Allies Los Angeles cohort, one of our Team Service Projects focused on the effects of gentrification on health. We will be publishing a series of interviews, poem, and infographics created and conducted by Allies that capture community member experiences from South Central Los Angeles.

These collective poems, interviews, and narratives provide insight on the impacts of gentrification and displacement on the health of South Central residents.

Poem by South Central Resident


South LA.jpg


“My South Central” by Guero



In this world of pain

It seems everything is going to waist

violence and corruption

We end up shut down if we raise our voices

Shot for no reason

rights taken away dosnt matter the season

Cops shooting innocents

hunting season

Peaceful protest no type of change

Burn down the city now they hear our pain

Brown on brown crime black on black crime

its all the same

They dont wana see us unite

drugs alcohol and sex insirted in our brains

keeping us distraced this shit is driving me insane

Money is the root of all evil

Just look what it does to people

You give them all you got or the take out the desert eagle

Winter is cold but the streets stay hot

All you worry about is money and thots

Educate yourself no need to loose your thoughts

In this world of pain is easy to loose your frame

Trying to stay in your lane but all the corruption makes it hard for me to stay sane

We are all the same Brown black white catholic christian Muslim

They try to separate us killing our wisdom

We have to change the system…