On May 19th, CDTech celebrated its 20 year commitment to building community, leadership and economic opportunity for Los Angeles’ most marginalized communities.  CDTech’s founder, Dr. Denise Fairchild, created CDTech in 1996 because she believed we needed to develop a center that would provide technical assistance, training and education to public institutions, community-based organizations and individuals to create community driven economic development strategies to deal with the generational issues of concentrated poverty and disinvestment in people of color from low-income areas in our inner city neighborhoods.

20 years later CDTech continues to be a catalyst for community, economic and leadership change in South Los Angeles.  We continue to drive Dr. Fairchild’s vision for social and economic justice by investing in residents, community-based organizations and neighborhoods in South Los Angeles.  Through education and training, civic engagement and developing economic opportunities for individuals and families CDTech continues to implement its mission.

During this momentous occasion, we recognized those who have also propelled our communities and our work to greater heights: Dr. Denise Fairchild, Linda Griego and Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas.

The event also celebrated several of CDTech’s graduates, Haleemah Henderson, Martha Sanchez, Frank Alvarez and Tafarai Bayne, with awards for taking our community change learning and applying it in their lives, community and careers.

We were honored to be in the company of long-time supporters, partners and friends. We thank you all for being a part of our journey to create better neighborhoods with the same neighbors. It is a pleasure to share our memories with you. You can click through each photo below or view the full gallery here.

CDTech 20th Anniversary


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